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OUR multichannel and multicurrency PLATFORMS

offers all Visa and Mastercard security guarantees and meets PCI DSS security standards.


Transactional flow management and centralization platform intended for small and medium accounts who have started or wishing to start selling online.


Management platform for different types of prepaid cards such as salary card, personal card, travel card, gift card or student card .... intended for financial institutions and companies wishing to offer financial privileges to their employees.


Virtual account management platform (electronic wallet) intended for establishments wishing to offer buyers their own means of payment.


Cash in Cash out platform via different payment channels intended for banks, telephone operators and MFIs.


Platform for the management of electronic payment flows via the main supplier of IT solutions to the global tourism and travel industry (Amadeus) intended for Large accounts such as airlines, travel agencies and hotels….


Fund transfer platform in the form of code (unique transfer code, QRCODE) eligible at partner merchants intended for the diaspora and their families.


Complete and scalable platform that allows centralized management of the electronic payment flow and instantaneous reporting of all sites in real time intended for large accounts such as oil companies, Autoroute companies and mass distribution < / p>


You can register multiple cards or bank accounts securely.


Platform which allows payment in MOTO mode intended for the call center


Platform which allows the relaunch of aborted or canceled transactions by e-mail for any type of merchant

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